Why Whiteboard?

cavemanWhat IS Whiteboard animation?
According to wikipedia “The term whiteboard animation comes from the process of someone drawing on a whiteboard and recording it.”  Today many use the term interchangeably to refer to drawings on regular paper or software techniques that use clip art and simulate hand movements.  We provide our own definition of Whiteboard animation in our rates and examples.

Why Whiteboard?
In today’s fast-paced culture we are inundated with information.  And so we SCAN
what comes at our TV, web browsers, and mail.  Whiteboard animation is “cool” and relatively new.  It is creative story telling in its finest form: short attention grabbing video using artwork to tell the story.  Your story.

How do I use Whiteboard animation?
Whiteboard animation is a great addition to lectures, PowerPoint presentations, trade show event backgrounders, websites and social media campaigns.  Below are a few great ways to apply whiteboard animation:

1. Sales Training Videos
Train your staff and customers on process in a memorable way, using chapters to explain how things work and then translate into many languages.  (Line art is far more affordable than a cast of actors.)

2. Product Sales Videos
Provide an exciting call-to-action on why people should buy your product or hire you for a service.  Use creative story telling to create a faux target audience who has a reason to buy your product or service.  (e.g. “Meet Bob…He needs a XX.”).

3. Product Demo Videos
Demonstrate how a product works using line art to show how products interface with customer needs.

4. Lectures
Jazz up your presentations and keynotes with ice breaker whiteboard animations.

5. Instruction/Educational Videos
Whiteboard animations are often referred to as “explainer videos” because they typically educate on some level.   We believe whiteboard animation is perfect for healthcare instruction/education and the high tech/software industry.  As an example wouldn’t it be perfect if you had a video that shows you what to do or what not to do if you hurt your back?  You cannot easily do this using traditional video without the video looking a bit..well..cheesy.  See the Usana Health Sciences example on the portfolio page for a video used for healthcare education on one of the myths of supplements and vitamins. Whiteboard animation is also great for other forms of education such as B2B consumer education on comparison shopping.


6. Brand Building and Brand Awareness Videos
You can have some fun with animation while still educating consumers on  your product.  Take this example for Edwards Vacuum.  You might think “Is that a vacuum company?  Can I get an Edwards vacuum instead of my Kirby to vacuum up that pet hair?”  but Edwards Vacuum produces high end vacuum products worldwide.  They do not make vacuum cleaners.  Click on the portfolio page for this brand awareness example.

7. Non Profit “Our Process” Videos to educate community and/or solicit donations
You can leverage whiteboard animation to educate community on process and you can also use this technique to solicit donations. We offer discounts for the education and non profit sectors.

8. TV Ads
You can use whiteboard for 15-second, 30-second or 60-second TV spots.  And the artwork is more affordable than actors!

Why Work with Greenlight Interactive?
What makes us different you ask? 
95% of companies producing whiteboard animation don’t use customized artwork nor do they draw under the camera.  These companies use clip art and well…fake hands…simulated to look like they are really drawing through specialized software that makes this happen.  We are unique with “whiteboard animation” as a service because we offer ALL ORIGINAL artwork.  Customized styles to match your brand and identity.  Caricatures of your team.   Character development like they did with traditional Disney animations.  Whiteboard combined with traditional animation.  “Colorboard” animation as an option with original paintings, charcoal or pastels.  Original script writing from marketing experts.  And original music…

So you might say, we’re completely original.