We offer many styles, and techniques of animation and video (more cartoony to more serious, charcoal, marker, dry erase, colored pencil, traditional video, traditional animation, infographic video, etc.) Scroll down below for a few examples of our work with corresponding rates. Original Script Writing, Voice Over and Music vary and are optional but recommended services we provide. We offer discounted rates for projects that involve a series, or for animations over 3 minutes. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 707-849-0588 or simply click below to request an estimate and we’ll get back to you.

Whiteboard Animation examples

Claret Medical (Dry Erase Whiteboard)

Josoor, European Union (Dry Erase Whiteboard)

University of California, Berkeley (Marker)

Whiteboard Animation includes:

  • Starting price of $2,500 per minute (nonprofit/educational discounts available)
  • All original illustrations/concepts (no clip art)
  • Marketing consultation on script and messaging
  • Whiteboard style (whiteboard, colored markers or charcoal used) using all available hand movements
  • Animations can be created with lip movements (talking characters) for an added fee
  • Artwork created can be used for complementary marketing materials (e.g. print, online)
  • Costs for original script writing, music, and voice over talent are billed separately (see below for details)
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Traditional Animation example

Edwards Inc.

Traditional Animation includes:

  • Starting price of $3,500 per minute
  • Whiteboard style with original illustrations (whiteboard, colored markers or charcoal used)
  • Character development available, great for a series
  • Images represented also talk with moving lips
  • Includes voice over talent (up to 3 voices), music and original conceptual script writing (Cost reduced if these services are provided by client or agency

Infographic Animation example

Infographic example

Infographic Animation includes:

  • Starting price of $3,000
  • Original or royalty free illustrations in sequence to tell story
  • Includes music and original conceptual script writing (Cost reduced if these services are provided by client or agency)

Writing Rates

Below are average rates for writing services and may vary based on client needs. These rates are for an animation 1-3 minutes in length. If clients are providing their own script we recommend reading this with a stopwatch to measure the length of the video. On average 100 words is about one minute in length.

  • Marketing Consultation (Free): We provide an initial marketing consultation and feedback on the script–if the script is provided by client.
  • Script Editing ($500-$750) : Script editing on script provided by client.
  • Original Script Concepts and Writing: ($600- $1,500): Original Script writing including 2 intake meetings, 2 script concept options and up to 3 revisions to the script.

Translation Services

Translation services are optional and available in most languages. Cost varies.

Voice Over Talent

Voice Over talent varies from approximately $450-$700 per minute based on voice talent. Celebrity voice talent costs will be higher.


Background music is optional but highly recommended. Costs for background music vary on average from $100-$550 per animation. Costs for original music may vary.

Optional Services

Other services include caricatures, character development, graphic recording at events and persona development. Please contact us directly for estimates on these services.