Getting started:

To kick off the whiteboard project we first need to know the following:

  1. The goal of your animation (What is your message, your call-to-action or story?)
  2. Who will see this animation (Who is your target audience(s)?)
  3. Length of the animation (1 to 5 minute animations are a common length unless you have a longer story to tell or are using whiteboard animation for training purposes)
  4. Quantity of animations (Are you interested in a series of animations, or a one-time project?)
  5. Animation placement (How are you using the animation?)
  6. Ask us about our Greenlight Interactive WBA Questionnaire

Steps to the process:

  1. Marketing Intake:  Our process starts with a one-hour marketing intake meeting (in-person or remote) and/or Greenlight Interactive Inc. Marketing Questionnaire so that we can get to know your brand and your business and the message you want to convey in the animation.
  2. Script:  Next we need to formalize a script for the animation.  We can do this a number of ways; a) with a script provided by you or your agency; b) with a rough script provided by you with editing from our team, or: c) with an original script provided by our team.   Please click here for rates.  We allow for two rounds of script edits before we move to the next two step in the process: Voice Over Recording and Storyboards.
  3. Voice Over:  We can coordinate all voice over talent once we understand the brand and voice of your video.  As an example, your story may require a mellow “soft sell” approach or an excitable “salesy” personality.  We can assess the need for a female voice or male voice based on your needs.  We can also coordinate video translation services if you are reaching an international audience.  Spanish translation may be a desire in regional areas of the United States.
  4. Storyboards:  Once the script is approved and finalized we will create a series of rough sketches to synch up with the script. Once these drawings are approved (we offer two rounds of edits on the sketches) we can move on to the final drawings in the whiteboard animation.
  5. Whiteboard animation: Once the storyboards have been approved, we draw the final illustrations and film this process to capture every hand movement on film.  One of the advantages to working with our team is that all of our illustrations are original illustrations.  We also do not use clip art, nor do we use software to replicate hand movements within the animations.  What is means for you is that everything you receive looks like it is being drawn by hand because it is being drawn by hand.  We film the project using high quality Sony HD cameras to capture the highest quality possible for your project.
  6. Production:  Once the filming of the illustrations has been captured and embedded into our video editing software, we synch up the voice over, music and illustrations together to tell your story.  This process involves intense detail in varying the speed of the illustrations for each line of your script.  (If you go with a more complex story requiring voice synching with animated characters, this process is even more finely detailed to synch up each word with a mouth movement to make it look like your characters are speaking.)
  7. Delivery:  We can deliver your project in various formats and we can provide guidance in social media for video should you require this service as well. Whiteboard animations are typically embedded in PowerPoint presentations (.mov file format) or within websites.  We can discuss delivery in the initial conversation.

We offer several rounds of client reviews for notes and changes. Naturally there are limits to how many changes we can make within a predetermined budget and so we have milestones in place along the way to finalize the script, voice over, music, storyboards, and finished animation project.  Any additonal edits after milestones have been approved can be done, but this requires extra time and so also requires additional fees if requested.  We will keep you informed of each milestone in the process.

Average Production Timeline:
Our turnaround time for a 1-3 minute animation project is typically ~4 weeks from initial project kick off to finish. Below is a sample timeline based on a 3 minute “standard” whiteboard animation where the script is provided by our team.   This schedule can be expedited or expanded as needed.   Although we are often available on weekends, the days listed in the tentative schedule below reflect the 5 business days of the week..

  • Project Kickoff  (Day 1): Marketing Intake Meeting to discuss the project, your message, and concept
  • Initial Script (Day 5):  Initial Script Review; Client feedback for additional revisions
  • Script Revisions (Day 7):  First set of script revisions provided to client
  • Script Revisions/Voice Over Talent and Music Recommendations (Day 9):  Second set of script revisions provided to client as needed; Recommended voice over talent option(s) and music options provided to client for review
  • Storyboards  (Day 11) : Script approved by client; Voice Over Talent selected and approved; Rough sketches provided to client to show the flow of the animation with script; client provides feedback for first set of revisions (if needed)
  • Storyboard Revisions (Day 13): First set of sketch revisions provided to client for review (if needed)
  • Storyboard Revisions (Day 15): Second set of sketch revisions provided to client for review (if needed )
  • Storyboard Approval (Day 16): Storyboards approved
  • Whiteboard animation (Day 19): Whiteboard animation is completed
  • Voice Over (Day 19): Voice Over is completed
  • Production (Day 21): Production to include voice over synching with music and artwork is completed for client review
  • Delivery (Day 25): Project is delivered in desired format