Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording is commonly used at events, conferences and group sessions to help synthesize concepts and strategy through visual symbols, words and icons. A graphic recorder secures a large foam core board or whiteboard (up to 8 feet in length), listens to a group of individuals, synthesizes what is being said, and then turns their words into metaphors and dynamic images. This visually engaging art board helps companies and groups get behind a “big picture” strategy, initiative or vision, drawn real-time right before their eyes. This session can be recorded so that the interaction and the whiteboard art itself can live on as a historical document and a reference for those not present at the session.


Persona Creation


Greenlight Interactive also offers real-time development of Persona Boards—caricatures of individuals with expressions, phrases, or testimonials.  These highly graphic boards offer insights into customer and employee motivations.  They can be used as engaging records of customer or employee feedback from events. They can also be developed in advance, and given away as memorable “gifts” for those involved in the process.  Great for involving stakeholders in corporate events!  Greenlight can also create life size Personas (up to 8 feet in height).

“We needed an on-site whiteboard animation artist to support a company-wide event, Total Customer Experience Day.  Greenlight not only provided real-time whiteboard concepts, but they also developed larger than life personas to represent our management team and customer themes.  Greelight exceeded our expectations! 
We definitely recommend Greenlight Interactive for their talent and strategic concepting.”

Kevin Scanlon