Why Us?

We are unique with “whiteboard animation” as a service because we offer:

  • All original artwork (no clip art)
  • Custom illustrations from artists –all art is available for clients to use for other marketing assets (e.g. brochures, training guides, website art). No extra licensing fees for this art.
  • Illustrations are customized to the brand, mood and messaging of the animation. So we can generate images that are more serious, or cartoonier based on each project. We do not adhere to one style of illustration.
  • Caricatures of your team members
  • Professional Character development (e.g. Disney-like character animations that speak)
  • Hybrid animations with whiteboard combined with traditional animation
  • RSA-style animations
  • Mixed Media approaches using charcoal, painting, watercolor and textures in combination
  • Language translation (e.g. localization in Spanish, French, German, etc.)
  • Excellent communication and marketing skills
  • Service for an international client base

Our talent pool spans the United States. The Greenlight Interactive talent pool includes writers, brand and marketing experts, designers, illustrators, voiceover talent, videographers and web developers across the United States. Whiteboard Animation is a core division within the company.

Lead members of our whiteboard animation team include:

Jamie Spooner

Marketing Director/Creative Director
Jamie Spooner has over 20 years of branding, design, web and marketing experience, including four years in advertising (managing projects for AMEX and AT&T) and seven years as a Lead Design Program Manager at Microsoft where she designed the second website for Microsoft Corporation (in 1995). Through Microsoft and 13 years as founder and Creative Director for Planeteria (one of the North San Francisco Bay Area’s top design, marketing, technology companies) Jamie oversaw the creation and maintenance of hundreds of successful web sites and branding initiatives. Jamie has an unusual skill set mix of marketing, design, illustration and project management skills. She is also a filmmaker with award-winning film “Whiskey & Apple Pie” (www.whiskeyandapplepie.com). Jamie earned her bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Smith College.

Joseph Ward

Video Editor
Joe began his career in software and video production after starting his career as a teacher and librarian. He has a personal passion for film and videography which has grown into an exciting new career as Final Cut Pro Video Editor for all whiteboard animation projects for Greenlight Interactive. Joe is also a”social” technician who can help with social media campaigns and implementation for video (and web content) online. Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in History at San Jose State University, where he also earned his Master of Library Science degree.

Holly Madden

Senior Writer
Holly has over 20 years experience in Corporate Communications with focus in direct response concept development and writing for both private clients and agencies. Holly can quickly grasp your marketing objectives, industry sector, customer base, and competition to create compelling stories and calls-to-action through whiteboard animation.

Holly speaks many “languages” through her writing. She has spoken the language of athletes, tired Moms, weekend warriors, software engineers, jittery hospital patients, CEOs, entrepreneurs, foodies, empty nesters, retirees, physicians…just to name a few. Holly is a graduate of Harvard University and a graduate of Boston University’s graduate film production program.

Bobby Burns

Senior Writer
Bobby specializes in writing B2B content and creating content marketing strategy for a wide range of clients. Having worked in a variety of sales, marketing and training positions over the last 30 years, he has focused on copywriting, marketing and business growth for the last 10. His passion is entrepreneurship and excellence in communication, and he works to combine those interests with his writing.

In addition to being a content writer and strategist, he is also a Business Leadership Coach, and a former EMyth Certified Business Coach. Because of his extensive business coaching experience he understands business and strives to help owners and managers build great businesses.