Our Process

Getting started:

To kick off the whiteboard project we first need to know the following:

  1. The goal of your animation (What is your message, your call-to-action or story?)
  2. Who will see this animation (Who is your target audience(s)?)
  3. Length of the animation (1 to 5 minute animations are a common length unless you have a longer story to tell or are using whiteboard animation for training purposes)
  4. Quantity of animations (Are you interested in a series of animations, or a one-time project?)
  5. Animation placement (How are you using the animation?)
  6. Ask us about our Greenlight Interactive WBA Questionnaire


We offer several rounds of client reviews for notes and changes. Naturally there are limits to how many changes we can make within a predetermined budget and so we have milestones in place along the way to finalize the script, voice over, music, storyboards, and finished animation project. Any additonal edits after milestones have been approved can be done, but this requires extra time and so also requires additional fees if requested. We will keep you informed of each milestone in the process.

Average Production Timeline:

Our turnaround time for a 1-3 minute animation project is typically ~4 weeks from initial project kick off to finish. Below is a sample timeline based on a 3 minute “standard” whiteboard animation where the script is provided by our team. This schedule can be expedited or expanded as needed. Although we are often available on weekends, the days listed in the tentative schedule below reflect the 5 business days of the week..

  • Week One: Marketing Intake Meeting to discuss the project, your message, and concept
  • Week Two & Three:  Script and Storyboards with reviews.
  • Week Three: Selection of voice over talent.
  • Week Four: Production to include voice over synching with music and artwork is completed for client review